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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

It’s easy to look at someone else’s life and assume that they have it all together and that everything in their life is going just the way they want it. You see your friends or someone you just happen to cross paths with regularly and they always seem to have the best of everything. You even do this with the celebrities you idolize. You follow them on social media and they always have the best of everything. They have a great house, a nice car, perfect body, perfect kid(s) and the perfect relationship. So you find yourself examining your own life and start getting depressed. You find yourself wishing you had everything they have.

You didn’t even stop to consider that all that you see from them isn’t truly what it seems. You can’t imagine that their display is really just a show to make themselves feel better, because they are actually miserable. Their life isn’t that great. In actuality some of them are depressed and unhappy. They are lonely inside their own homes, because their relationship is rocky. They place more value on things than those they share a home with. Their self esteem is low so they work out constantly or they load up on diet pills. They pile the makeup on to hide what seems to be an imperfect reflection. They rock their weaves, because to them their hair isn’t long enough, pretty enough or straight enough. They’ll spend all their money on the latest Jordans just to tell all their friends they copped them first. Their misery isn’t visible, but all you’re focused on is the façade they put on for everyone else.

This isn’t the truth for everyone. There are people out there who work hard to be happy in all aspects of their lives and they will be the first ones to tell you that it takes work. You’re on the outside looking in just assuming that everything for some people is just as grand as they are portraying. You haven’t even stopped to talk to them or to seek the truth for yourself. The truth of the matter is really this, if you don’t know someone personally or well enough to know that their life isn’t perfect then don’t assume it is. More importantly, don’t compare your life to someone else’s. People seem to spend more time now fantasizing about someone else’s life instead of trying to live their own and create their own happiness. There are a lot of people out here who possess a lot of material things, but they are completely miserable despite what they have. If all you’re worried about is possessing material things to gain happiness, then you will never know the true meaning of happiness.

Don’t get caught up thinking the grass is greener elsewhere, instead focus on improving yourself. Focus on you. Live your life to the best of your ability and you’ll never have to day dream about someone else’s “perfect” life because you’ll be too busy living your own.  You were given the life you have for a purpose and it’s up to you to find that purpose and fulfill yourself.  In the words of J. Cole “Love Yours”.



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Soul Food Poems

Soul Food Poems

Dawn Douglas is Soul Food Poems, the soulful poet and writer born and raised in Louisville, KY. She began her love of writing in high school. The poems she wrote during that time became the foundation for her first book of poetry titled “More than Poetry, 1993 until Infinity” published in 2007. In 2013 she published her second book "A Journey through Infinity". She joined the Air Force in 1994 and maintained a love of writing poetry, speeches and short stories. During her 20 year career she performed her poetry and speeches at numerous Open Mic's, Black History Month and Women’s History Month Luncheons, Juneteenth events and retirement ceremonies. She is also the founder of the Facebook group, Positive Educated Black Women, which she created to help unify, support, uplift and to network with other strong black women.

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