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An Open Letter to the Ladies: We’ve got to do Better!


Every December we start thinking of resolutions that we want to set for ourselves for the upcoming year.  Instead of waiting for a new year to make positive changes in our lives, why not start now.

With so much going on in the world today, many of us find ourselves taking stock of our current station in life. We are wondering what we can do to make a positive change for ourselves and our communities. Start today and everyday that you are blessed to awaken.  There are so many things that we as women have got to start doing better.  We’ve got to learn how to be better friends, better mothers, better sisters, and overall better human beings.  We spend so much time tearing one another down rather than getting to know each other, and we wonder why men call us crazy.  We have always been taught that we have to be strong, that we have to carry the world’s burdens on our shoulders, but we have to remember that as much as we’d like to be, we are not Superwoman.  We are flawed, because we are human.  But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stop trying to be the very best “us” possible.

In learning how to be better friends, we need to learn how to speak truths and accept truths from people we truly consider a friend.  If we cannot learn to do that, then we are doing each other a huge disservice and if that’s the case then we are not as true friends as we thought we were… Rather we are just really good acquaintances. This world we live in today has watered down truth as if it were a poison that we need to be saved from. We have gotten away from the days of old, when friendship meant something to people.  It wasn’t just a word they threw around. It meant actually being there through it all and knowing how to respect, appreciate and love that friendship in every aspect of the word. Learn how to be better at all the relationships that are dear to you and you will definitely be a much better person for it.

Learn how not to be judgmental of other women, especially if you don’t know their struggle, their story, their pain and learn how to not covet what material possessions they may have.  We are so quick to tear another woman down and overlook our own flaws and shortcomings as if we are just the most perfect being walking the face of this earth.  We need to learn how to have some unity with other women and rebuke that ugliness that we allow to surround groups of women.  We have to learn how to trust other women, respect other women and uplift other women no matter their race, religion or creed.  We have become like crabs in a barrel when it comes to having some unity and helping other women succeed.  We are never going to make it as equals to men if we don’t learn how to support one another and leave all that ignorance behind.  We are all special, beautiful and valuable in our own way… We just need to take the time to learn that about one another, so we can make it in this crazy world.

Remember that each day you arise is a new day to improve on you, don’t wait for a new year or any other occasion to become a better you.  Do it now and watch how your struggles seem to fade away because of what you are doing for yourself.



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Soul Food Poems

Soul Food Poems

Dawn Douglas is Soul Food Poems, the soulful poet and writer born and raised in Louisville, KY. She began her love of writing in high school. The poems she wrote during that time became the foundation for her first book of poetry titled “More than Poetry, 1993 until Infinity” published in 2007. In 2013 she published her second book "A Journey through Infinity". She joined the Air Force in 1994 and maintained a love of writing poetry, speeches and short stories. During her 20 year career she performed her poetry and speeches at numerous Open Mic's, Black History Month and Women’s History Month Luncheons, Juneteenth events and retirement ceremonies. She is also the founder of the Facebook group, Positive Educated Black Women, which she created to help unify, support, uplift and to network with other strong black women.


  1. sandy
    May 11, 2015 at 6:39 pm — Reply

    Proud of your mind and heart. I love you

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