Trust Your Gut

Most of the time we ignore “gut feelings”. Oh, some of you call it “My first mind” … which should probably be “my first thought”, but who am I to change the world! (Yes, I do believe that I daily change the world).

Back to the subject. I’ve been one to think, and think, and think, only to think some more as well. However, now I tend to think and react. If you’re into boxing at all, you know the best fighters “stick and move”. This allows them to punch and not be hit. Of course, in boxing, the less you’re hit will definitely increase your chances at winning.

As business owners, sometimes we come to decisions that we’re unsure about and think on them so much that we miss the boat of opportunities that were waiting to meet us on the other side of that decision.

Now I’m not saying that you should make irrational decisions for the sake of trusting your gut; however, I am saying that a lot of times the risk in the first answer you come up with will make business owners clam-up and choose a road more traveled. Now what some of you know and others of you need to realize is that you’re just a business to everyone else until you do something risky! Not burn down you building – risky, but differentiate yourself – risky. Think about the major businesses in just about every industry. They did something different from the others and it turned out amazingly different. It became their stamp on the industry. It allowed them to begin to create art. (Read Artists and Art and you’ll get the point.)

Not “going” with your gut is a serious problem. Think about this. You’ve had experiences, gained knowledge, and exercised your ability to make good choices for a very long time. But you’re continuing to reduce yourself to someone that needs constant validation to make decisions? Is your ability to make decisions that questionable that you’d really allow someone else to constantly question your authority? NO? Well you do it every single time you shun your gut feeling.

Most often it’s the “first mind” or that gut feeling that is the riskiest and the most rewarding. And since it’s also your instincts that will set you apart from the pack (most often) you should follow those instincts more often. In your gut is your truth. There lies everything you’ve learn and retained. There lies your true feelings about everything. Just know that when you get mad and yell something out, it’s not what you didn’t need to say, it’s just what you didn’t want that person to hear you say. OH it needed to be said, and needed to be said to them. It’s your rational that keeps you from telling that person the truth or sugar coating it and not really saying what needs to be said. The same can be said about your business decisions.

Trust yourself more. Not that you never need to analyze a situation or change an initial decision. But you’re unique and your business is just like you. You control the destiny of the business and usually what you do first is the best choice for survival. If someone threw you into a pool you wouldn’t have to evaluate the situation and consult with a team of people, would you? Sometimes it’s necessary to do the same for your business. Just react and see how much you can get done that way.

As usual, this isn’t only about business. It’s also about life. Follow your gut. Trust your knowledge and your instincts. Trust that your mind is capable of solving problems and making sound decisions. Trust yourself. Besides, you’re the only you that you have to listen to.

How do you make decisions; do you rely on instinct or the advice of others? Share your comments below and share your experience with the MYBB community.



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Des J

Des J

Des J is an entrepreneur who started his first business at 22 while earning bachelor's and master's degrees at Florida A & M University. With over 8 years as an entrepreneur, he had lots of friends asking about his experiences leading him to start writing about them under the blog 'Young Black and Business-Minded': A blog he hopes informs and inspires other young blacks into their best professional self and potentially into their own successful journey of entrepreneurship.

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