The FABULOUS Female: Turning Passion Into Profit

Being passionate about supporting women and girls has been the driving force in my life since I was 10 years old! Turning that passion into profit became a part of the journey in 2012. There are many women around the world who dedicate their lives to helping others as they live out their purpose for their lives. The FABULOUS Female turns that passion into profit!

While there are many words to define fabulous, the FABULOUS Female who turns passion into profit exemplifies an EXTRAORDINARY, PHENOMENAL, REMARKABLE and AMAZING woman. She personifies the relentless pursuit of success by sharing her story in a powerful, believable way. She connects with her audience by turning them into clients. Then, she builds long term relationships with them by having products and services to teach them how to turn their passion into profit. I will elaborate as the “Original FABULOUS Female”


Prior to social media outlets, such as YouTube and reality shows, such as American Idol,  people spent many years honing their skills and perfecting their craft in hopes of being in the right place, at the right time to get that big break. Business professionals and entrepreneurs usually spend years developing their craft to ultimately become a corporate leader or business owner. I have spent over 26 years speaking to schools, churches, communities and nonprofit organizations about the importance of supporting women who help educate, mentor and empower school-age girls. What made people gravitate to Essence of a Lady, Inc was my authenticity and passion about philanthropy. I began telling my story to reveal why it is so critical to leave a legacy to girls by giving back to them.


People know when your are authentic, genuine and truly want to help them. They watch your body language, your connection with the audience and your desire to truly impact their lives in a positive way. I discovered the importance of authenticity when I created the YELL!Mentoring program and its support arm, The E’Ladies Network. I went to schools, community agencies and nonprofit organizations to recruit girls to participate in YELL!Mentoring and recruit women to support the girls as philanthropists in the E’Ladies Network.  Since February 2005, I have spoken to over 1,000 women and girls. Approximately 500 girls have participated in the YELL!Mentoring program and over 300 women have supported them with their time, talent and tender.


Building a long-term relationship with clients and customers is the only way to build and sustain a profitable business. In 2007, the E’Ladies Network was created to ensure girls in the YELL!Mentoring program had professional and entrepreneurial women to provide program support, sponsor field trips, conduct workshops and plan special events. The women in the E’Ladies Network continue to support the girls in the YELL!Mentoring program in Houston, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. In 2012,  I created the annual Females are FABULOUS Conference. The positioned me to be a part of a 10-city tour as a speaker/emcee in 2013. The following year, I traveled around the country to promote mentoring and professional women. Now, I am a best-selling author, preparing to retire from teaching to run the nonprofit full-time and being LEVERAGED as a speaker and nonprofit strategist.

As I learned to share my story, connect with my audience, and build long-term relationships, I leveraged my business and reputation as a philanthropist. Through sharing my story, giving back to the community and creating products and services to motivate others, I turned passion into profit and became a FABULOUS Female.


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JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott, Ed.D (ABD), is an Award-Winning ICONIC Entrepreneur, Nationally-Acclaimed Speaker/Emcee, Nonprofit Strategist, Life/Business Mentor, and Founder & CEO of Essence of a Lady, Inc. She is the CREATIVE mastermind behind the FABULOUS Female phenomenon and Her vision: ALL women recognize their gifts and share them with the world.

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