Speak Up! Using Your “Why” to Promote Your Business

As the old saying goes, IF IT HAS TO BE, ITS UP TO ME!!

Whether you are speaking to one person or a thousand people, your message should be passionate and clear when it relates to promoting your cause. People listening to you should be able to feel your passion and conviction each time you open your mouth. Influencers of the world, such as Mahatma Gandi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, even Steve Jobs, pivotal point was when they made a decision to speak about their passion–and for some, even willing to die for it. We, as entrepreneurs must exemplify that same passion for our cause. You may say, “But I don’t have to promote my business!” Well, let’s explore how your business represents you, how you can LEVERAGE your business by promoting it and how speaking can catapult your business to the NEXT LEVEL when you promote it!

As a previous Emcee and Panel Moderator for a national tour, I got the opportunity to listen to women entrepreneurs express their passion through their business. They spoke enthusiastically about how they branded their business, conveyed their message, and utilized certain marketing tools to share. Each women displayed passion for helping women succeed in life and business. While each panelist was clear, thorough, and articulate in their purpose of support for women, several women stood out by branding their style in a memorable way.

In Houston, Texas, Kristi Jackson, founder of Women CEO Project, spelled out 5 points that showed how focused and passionate she was about women leaving the tour with a strong take-away message. Toni Harris, of Toni Harris Speaks, strategically collaborated with her circle beyond the tour. She left a lasting impression on the women in her circle, and me…who invaded the group to participate.

Dana Sidberry, founder of Motivational Marketing Firm and hostess for the tour in Charlotte, North Carolina epitomized strategic marketing. Everyone knew who and where she was located based on her signage and strategic placement of volunteers. The location had plush seats, decorative cloths, delicious food, desserts and drinks. Then, to top it off, she had FABULOUS swag bags promoting her clients, speakers, and the founder of the tour!

Dr. Yashima Azilove, of Magnate Consulting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, exuded powerful communication skills as she shared how she has captured corporate clients and powerful women executives as a coach. Her words were so powerful that a 16-year old student, recruited to volunteer at the event, heard me describe my mentoring program for girls and approached me to connect her with Dr. Azilove. These women’s message is their LIFESTYLE and everyone who met them understood their passion for their business immediately!

Ultimately, LEVERAGING your business by marketing and promoting it occurs when you exemplify passion and you convey it to a particular audience. All the panelists, mentioned and not mentioned, have positioned themselves as “experts in their perspective fields” and discovered how to garnish every opportunity to promote their passion. The common thread for most women in all ten cities of the tour was “your message is in your mess” as Fusion Tour Founder, Vernetta R. Freeney stated on almost every stop. Each woman has built successful small businesses sharing their passion, which helps them live a very comfortable lifestyle; that’s LEVERAGE!

As a pioneering nonprofit strategist, and life and business mentor, it is refreshing to see so many women truly believing in and sharing their passion to support women. So speak up and leverage your business by marketing and promoting it. For more information on this topic, contact me.



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JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott, Ed.D (ABD), is an Award-Winning ICONIC Entrepreneur, Nationally-Acclaimed Speaker/Emcee, Nonprofit Strategist, Life/Business Mentor, and Founder & CEO of Essence of a Lady, Inc. She is the CREATIVE mastermind behind the FABULOUS Female phenomenon and Her vision: ALL women recognize their gifts and share them with the world.

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