Smart consumerism is not a person, place or thing.  What it is, is a state of mind and to be free from the chains that bind our minds is not an easy thing to achieve. Yet, by looking at things from another perspective and learning a few details you can learn to innerstand how to break free.

One of the sayings I’ve heard time and time again is, “If it’s free, then it’s for me.”  Who doesn’t like a bargain and all the better if it’s free, right?  Not necessarily, I’m going to make this short and sweet, but at the same time show you the flip side.

If you are a business owner and you are trying to advertise a new product, there is no better  way, in my opinion,  than to offer a sample usually at no cost to the customer.  The intention here is to build trust and give people an opportunity to sample something they may not otherwise would have tried. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only reason why you might be offered something that is “free”.

Let’s discuss the buy one get one free sale often referred to as “BOGO”.  Sometimes you are actually are getting a discount by taking advantage of this offer however many times what occurs is the price is marked up prior to the sale so in reality you are paying close to the same price you would if you would had purchased just 1 at the regular price.

On occasion the buy one get one free is created to get rid of products that are near their expiration date and if it is a food item than you might want to rethink that purchase.  Sure you are saving some money, but at the risk of your health.  If an item is near it’s expiration that means it MAY have bacterial growth starting to occur.  Be safe and just leave it on the shelf.

Discounted clothing that is buy one get one free may have structural damages, sometimes they are easily repairable, or hardly noticeable, in which case I wouldn’t turn it down.  Just make sure to do a good visual inspection prior to purchasing because rarely can you return an item that is part of this sale.

While there are may reasons why an item is discounted, these are just a few things to ponder when you come across that sales rack/bin.  Free isn’t always the best option.  This is yet another tip to help empower you while you are on your path of becoming a smarter consumer.

~Arminda Colón

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Arminda Colon

Arminda Colon

Arminda Colón is the founder of MyCoCreations, a consciously creative company that exists to empower each of us while providing products that help you to live a healthier, happier life. While it began as lifestyle for her and her family it has organically grown into a business. Colón believes it is time for a change! In this day and age most decisions are made for you and usually without regard for how it will affect you. She believes that each of our unique qualities, our inner light, what makes us special is getting lost. For Colón innerstanding is the key to ensuring that each of our lights continue to shine.

To find out more about Arminda and MyCoCreations visit the website:

"Innerstand who you are and take care of your needs."-- Arminda Colón

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