SMART CONSUMERISM Part 2: Value & shopping smarter makes life easier

In my previous post I talked about what Innerstanding is and how to achieve it. If you have not already read Smart Consummerism: The Key is Innertanding, then I urge you to do so as it will put your mind in the state of receiving. Today I am going to discuss how to use your innerstanding and have it work for you and not against you.

When you think of purchasing something…before I go any further  let’s just cut to the chase and ask the question.  “When you think of purchasing something, what inclined you to do so?”

See, many times our purchases are impulse buys, where we have seen something that triggered a want; smelled something that triggered the feeling of hunger; or heard something that triggers a feeling of need. There I said it. Most of the time we are not making an informed purchase. We are simply being triggered into buying something out of a feeling that was not created by self or an actual need. That is where consumerism rears its ugly head. From my perspective, we need to make purchases for self and to assist those that are offering a product or service that adds value to your life. If I am to be in control and make smart purchases, then there is very little space in my mind to allow others to trigger me into buying something I probably don’t need or won’t use.

Different perspectives and viewpoints generate different outcomes.

Perspective is a funny thing, depending on the side you are viewing the situation from, you can see something in a totally different manner. For instance, a single mother’s–who happens to be a full-time student–perspective is going to be drastically different then the  perspective of say a single business woman with no children. From the viewpoint of the single mother, every purchase she makes needs to be one that allows her to provide her child(ren) with healthy meals, a safe roof over their heads, clean clothes and learning materials–all the while staying on task and keeping up her grades so that she can complete her schooling. Which she believes is the only way for her to better herself. From the perspective of the business owner, she needs to  sell as many of her products or services as she can in order to keep her business alive, feed, clothe and keep a roof over her head all the while pursuing her goals to stay in business and/or expand.

Now looking at both the viewpoints, I can say that neither is right or wrong, they simply “are”. The problem that we encounter is when a business owner seeks to stay in business they often think “more sales”. So they may seek help to push harder via marketing, change a product/service, etc. Basically they will look for any and all the ways that can assist them in reaching their goal. Many times that means using sales and marketing tactics, modifying a product or service by replacing an ingredient or key word that increases the bottom line–prices.

Do you remember our single mother? If she is to have an innerstanding of how this all works when she comes across a product or service being offered by this business owner, she needs  to be smart about her potential purchase by asking herself a few simple questions. These questions will undoubtedly lead to her being a smart consumer, which will make her life easier in the long run.

Do I know who I am going to exchange my hard-earned money with?

Know  the Company and What They Stand For – Our purchases or lack thereof are what keeps a company strong for years or causes them to go out of business.  If we do not know what the company stands for then we may very well be contributing to our downfall.  For instance, when you buy over the counter or prescription medicine you are paying the salaries and voting for the very companies that create diseases which causes you to end up unhealthy and in the hospital, conversely when you buying herbs and organic/non GMO foods you are saying yes to health and no to the diseases causing systems.

Is this product or service beneficial to our health?

Know the  Ingredients or the Process – Research and ask questions.  No one should fault you unless there is something that they are trying to hide in which case this is a huge part of innerstanding…learning how to uncover the truth but seeking it.

Have I purchased this item more than once?

Know How and Where to Invest Your Money – If it is a product that should not require multiple purchases like a blender, vacuum cleaner or even a car, then you really need to innerstand why you are having to replace it.  If it is due to normal wear and tear then do some research because more quality made products will last if taken proper care of.  Paying a little more for a quality product is smarter because in the future you will be saving money, time and aggravation while instilling smart purchasing in your children.

If it is a product that you buy often, like deodorant, shampoo, food then you should do some comparison shopping and try buying in bulk where feasible. If you know you are going to need X amount in a 6 month time span, how much will you save by buying more now?  Some stores and many online companies will give you a discount for buying in bulk.  When in doubt just ask!

Subconscious and how it plays a huge role in our choices. 

We are not taught how to think in the manner I am describing above, we have to choose it!  If children were taught to think freely and ask questions without fear, we would live in a very different world.  With that being said, we need to re-program our subconscious and pass that on to our children.  Yes, I said re-program and that is because from the time you saw a television (tel-eye-vision), heard the radio and started to “listen” to what you were told, you were being programmed.  It is our jobs as parents to give our children “the manual” and show them how to use the “controls” until which point they can navigate with very little of our assistance. In essence we are programming them to think like we do, to see things from our perspective…as we believe them to be. It is unfortunate but because we too were programmed at an early age we are passing on some incorrect information. Don’t feel too badly, because we have all done it; that however, was out of our control. As adults we become more in control as we learn about the control society has on us and then we can learn how to navigate in a better way. Where this programmed information is stored is in our subconscious. Kind of like when you are driving you are not even thinking about doing so for the most part it comes naturally and is done without thought. Obviously we are thinking when driving however we are thinking on multiple levels. The driving part is done subconsciously while we are actively thinking about something else. On to my point, we have to ask ourselves questions about why we are doing something, like making a purchase.  When we do this we are triggering active thoughts and retraining what we do “auto magically”. Which is in turn re-programming our thought patterns and ultimately our choices.

All in all, a smart consumer is one that innerstands that there are many people trying to sell many things. While you can certainly like a product or service for what it is , you can impact your life, the world we all in live and ultimately your health and happiness by taking time to think about and know more about the purchase. Don’t be so easily tricked by the sale, discount or “get it while you can” sales tactics, because more times than not you are being tricked into making that purchase and not making an informed decision.

As always I hope that this information adds value to your life!


Arminda Colón


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Arminda Colon

Arminda Colon

Arminda Colón is the founder of MyCoCreations, a consciously creative company that exists to empower each of us while providing products that help you to live a healthier, happier life. While it began as lifestyle for her and her family it has organically grown into a business. Colón believes it is time for a change! In this day and age most decisions are made for you and usually without regard for how it will affect you. She believes that each of our unique qualities, our inner light, what makes us special is getting lost. For Colón innerstanding is the key to ensuring that each of our lights continue to shine.

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"Innerstand who you are and take care of your needs."-- Arminda Colón

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