To innerstand is to have a deep, almost intuitive response to a thing– in this case a person, product or situation.  In some cases your intuition will be correct, but many times it will not, until and unless you deprogram yourself. When I say deprogram, what I am referring to is in order to learn a new habit, one must first recognize that they want to change, the reasons why and then make a plan to set new patterns, which in turn will become a habit.  This is what is meant when I say deprogram and we need to do this with regards to how we make purchases.

See, from the time we are born we are bombarded with marketing.  The point of the tactics that are used in marketing are for one purpose only and that is to profit.  There is no regard for age appropriateness, health, longevity, etc.  The goal is simply to provide a product that sells and sell a lot.  One cannot fault  them however as that is their goal.

When we are informed about how to read our labels, what to look for, questions to ask, so on and so forth, we can begin to make smarter choices.  If we take back our power–from this “clouded vision” full of lies, that has been sold to us as health, happiness or a cure all–our “vision” becomes clearer.  When this occurs we are getting closer to reaching the point of innerstanding.

If we take the time to extend our new found power to those we support–by seeking out small businesses that are making a positive impact by building strong, friendly and safe communities that supply items that are beneficial–big things can happen, like more jobs, healthier products/food and community based events.  Innerstand that most choices we make directly or indirectly affect someone else, in addition to ourselves.  So when you think about needing a new fill in the blank with a little forethought  you can  do the following:

  1. Find something unique, personalized, exotic or rare.
  2. In seeking out who to purchase from, you are empowering yourself by not running to the nearest store and settling for what is on the shelf.
  3. You will likely come across many websites and/or referrals that interest you, but you never knew they even existed.
  4. Your support will help another person or family that is working to provide you with their talent.

These are just a few things to think about, but what you can do today is make the decision to be a smart consumer. Once you learn the tools, through practice you will come to have a deeper innerstanding about what you put in and on your body.

Finally, it is important that we must continue researching, asking questions and learning, because as quickly as we learn what is up, they will be onto the next.  Avoid traps like fad dieting, the next best thing, latest version to upgrade to and even the latest “super food” as they keep you in an endless loop of buying things that likely have no benefit for you.

In part 2 of this dynamic duo, I’ll talk more about how to make smart shopping choices.  Remember, while I have shared with you my thoughts, it is up to you to think more deeply. Find your keys, arrive at your own innerstandings and seek answers to the questions that you have.  I hope you have gained some insight that will be life changing, please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings as well.

Arminda Colón

Arminda is a creatress and the founder of MyCoCreations which creates and sells all natural products. She is also the founder of Technificent Consulting, an IT and design consulting firm. Follow her own Twitter and Facebook.



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Arminda Colon

Arminda Colon

Arminda Colón is the founder of MyCoCreations, a consciously creative company that exists to empower each of us while providing products that help you to live a healthier, happier life. While it began as lifestyle for her and her family it has organically grown into a business. Colón believes it is time for a change! In this day and age most decisions are made for you and usually without regard for how it will affect you. She believes that each of our unique qualities, our inner light, what makes us special is getting lost. For Colón innerstanding is the key to ensuring that each of our lights continue to shine.

To find out more about Arminda and MyCoCreations visit the website:

"Innerstand who you are and take care of your needs."-- Arminda Colón

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