Have you ever used email marketing for your small business? If not most of us are at least familiar with it. For those who are not quite sure what email marketing is, here’s my quick definition:

Email marketing is directly sending a commercial message to a specific group of people using email, with an express purpose such as soliciting sales or donations, generating business or creating brand awareness. 

When most people think about email marketing, paid services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact come to mind. However, have you ever thought about using your own, personal or business emails as email marketing tools?

Think about it. How many people do you email each day? I’d venture to say at least five, but I’m sure that number is very conservative. Even so, that comes out to over 1,800 emails a year. Say you have just launched a new business or expanded your services. If I offered to tell 1,800 of my closest friends about your new endeavor for free, what would you say? Yes, right? Right..? Well, why not do the same thing for yourself.

Here are a few quick, smart and best of all free tips for marketing your business.

Add Your Business Information to Your Email Signature–On All Your Emails

Though this may sound like a no brainer, many small business owners don’t include their business information in their email signature block. This goes for all of your email accounts. If you’re like many, you have at least one personal email along with your business email. If it’s not already on there, add your business information to all of your signature blocks. At the very least your business name and website. Even if you don’t mention the business, someone will be curious enough to visit the website.

Take it a step further and include it on your social media correspondence, texting, instant messaging and any other correspondence. Be shameless with it people–shameless!

Add Press Releases to the Bottom of Your Email

Did your business recently add a product or service? Maybe you have an upcoming event or sale. Whatever it is, be sure to add it to your email footer. This can be done, by including it just below your signature block. Every time you send an email, whether it’s to a customer, to a networking associate or even grandma, you’ve just informed another person about your business’s happenings and it didn’t cost you a dime.

By the way, you know grandma will forward the email to everyone at the church, just so she can brag–and now your audience has just increased by a whole congregation!

Have People Contact You Through Your Website

I know this last one sounds crazy, but just stick with me for a minute…

When you meet a new connection, instead of giving them your email, ask them to contact you via your website contact page. Of course in order for it to work effectively, the contact page submissions should be routed directly to your email. The object here is to encourage people to view your site. Let them take a stroll through your capabilities, products or services on their way to the contact page. Let your website brag for you. Just make sure your website is ready and brag-worthy!

If you want to expand your business’ reach, use these tips for your own effective and inexpensive spin on email marketing. It’s your business, be shameless with it!

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Louiseza Sanderson

Louiseza Sanderson

Louiseza Sanderson is a business consultant, writer and the founder of She is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. It was during her time in the military that she learned the value of hard work, community and serving the needs of others. Following her military service she earned a bachelor's degree in business and an MBA in business communications.

She began consulting with the explicit goal of providing affordable business consultation and guidance to those who might not otherwise have access. "I started consulting by 'inherent accident'. I've spent my whole life gathering information, in hopes that it would benefit someone," says Sanderson. When it comes to working with her clients, she believes that the key is to find the human factor. By doing so, she helps her clients to find the best solution for their business, by first figuring out what is best for the person. Her hope is to help such entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits who share her vision of giving back-- be it through job creation, innovation or a cause.

As a consultant and business owner herself, Sanderson came to realize that while there are many resources for small business owners, there were very few that provided a platform for micro and small Black owned businesses, as well as the information germane to them. These are the mom and pops, solo-preneurs and other businesses and organizations that are really the heart and soul of the local (Black) community. She shares, "The vision of Mind Your Black Business is the culmination of what I am most passionate about and what I do best--helping others to achieve their dreams and helping small businesses grow."

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