LEVERAGE Your Business: 3 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Community as Women-Owned Businesses

DONATE, GIVE, SUPPORT, and SPONSOR…four words local, national and global nonprofits use frequently to encourage people to support their mission. Women-owned businesses are approached as frequently as other businesses, yet local nonprofits continue to struggle with getting them as volunteers, sponsors, and supporters to further their mission. The problem is women say they support each other, but when it comes to spending money with women-owned small businesses and committing to making annual and concurrent donations to nonprofits, we continue to FALL SHORT!

This begs the question, how are we investing in ourselves and the community, yet we are not supporting women-owned businesses/nonprofits? Here are three ways to evaluate your support of women-owned businesses:

Do Your Goals include Women-owned Businesses as Collaborative Partners?

Etienne Garbugli  suggests to the best way to manage time is to “DELEGATE if it can be done 80% as well by others.” When you are creating your strategic plans, make them more productive by including women-owned small businesses that offer services you need for your business or your clients/customers.

Are You Investing in Yourself with Women “Influencers?”

Search out women who can help you LEVERAGE your business by being connected with them. These women are called “INFLUENCERS” because they have established themselves as experts in their field; they have at least three years of experience and a loyal following who support them and follow their advice. They are women whom you can hire as mentors, coaches or consultants to LEVERAGE your business/nonprofit. These women have proven track records of helping women. They want you to SUCCEED!

Are You Investing in Your Community with a Strategic Plan?

When you invest into your community, you give back to it on a monthly basis. The good book tells us to “give out of the goodness of our heart, without expecting ANYTHING in return!” Philanthropy is giving your time, talent, and tender (monetary resources). “Serve, don’t sell!” as stated by Justina Page, Amos House of Faith. This soundbite represents what I believe, but never expressed so clear and concise.

When you include financial support in your monthly budget, you are sowing a seed. By advocating, volunteering and donating to promising and achieving women-owned businesses/nonprofits, you position yourself to receive blessings 100-fold.  You are living out GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE! It is because of supporters of Essence of a Lady, Inc.  sowing seeds to help educate, mentor and empower girls for over 25 years, we have been able to support over 1,000 girls in YELL! Programs.

When you incorporate these three tips into your business, your business will GROW by building collaborative PARTNERSHIPS, you will CONNECT with major INFLUENCERS, and ACCOMPLISH your GOALS with a STRATEGIC PLAN!!

How are you LEVERAGING your business or nonprofit?



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JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott, Ed.D (ABD), is an Award-Winning ICONIC Entrepreneur, Nationally-Acclaimed Speaker/Emcee, Nonprofit Strategist, Life/Business Mentor, and Founder & CEO of Essence of a Lady, Inc. She is the CREATIVE mastermind behind the FABULOUS Female phenomenon and Her vision: ALL women recognize their gifts and share them with the world.

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