Is Print Dead? Not So Fast!

Most non believers suggest that by 2020 the vast majority of print media will be all but gone and forgotten for. A quick Google search for keyword terms “radio is dead” or “print is dead” will yield countless articles that predict that both forms of media are on their way out. One could argue that at this very moment that we live in the golden age of TV with record setting shows like Empire and Scandal to name a few.

The growth of the internet doesn’t kill off these channels it merely forces us to look at them differently because consumers use them differently.

Here are a few advantages of print over digital:

Tangible.  A piece of print collateral is physical thing. Flyers, business cards, magazines, etc. can stay in a place of business or home for years whereas Internet advertisements can disappear into cyberspace within seconds.

More credible. There is something special about print that gives it a sense of legitimacy. Oversaturation of web ads can be overwhelming to some and the fear of viruses and spam is enough to keep people off of the Internet.

Less competition. With an increasing number of businesses relying exclusively on internet marketing, the decline of print marketing represents an opportunity to create a competitive advantage.  Fewer competitors mean more opportunities to make an impression and gain market share.

The need to engage customers at an increasingly higher rate is unlikely to go away regardless of our economy or the advent or alleged decline of a media. The reality is that the push for innovation creates more similar products and while the Internet continues to grow, print marketing will serve as a way to differentiate brands and cultivate customer relationships. The best companies are those who have a comprehensive approach.  One that includes both on and offline communications to create unique, unforgettable, and significant experiences for their clients and customers.

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Shaun Caldwell

Shaun Caldwell

Shaun Caldwell is digital entrepreneur and Owner of Charlotte Print, a web-to-print company that empowers micro businesses and consumers annually with affordable, professional options to make an impression. He writes on the topics including branding, promotion, and design.

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