How to Create an Effective Ad (Part 2)

Editor’s Note:  In “How to Create an Effective Ad (Part 1)” Shaun Caldwell gave us some tips on how to create compelling ads. In this post, he finishes up the lesson by showing us how to convert interest into desire.


Unique selling proposition

Once you’ve successfully piqued your prospect’s interest, you must convert that interest into desire. You must clearly demonstrate how your prospect is going to benefit from purchasing your product or service. If your product is truly unique and the value proposition is strong, you can totally separate your business from your competitors.

Prove it 

Talk is cheap. While you’ve done a good job of creating desire, potential customers must believe your claim otherwise they will not take action on your offer. One of the easiest ways to build belief is by the way of testimonials. A testimonial enables you to show to the doubtful prospect that all you’ve said is true…because here’s what a customer/user is saying about your product.

Another way to increase the prospect’s belief in your ad is to be very specific. For example “relieves heartburn in one hour or less.” This statement clearly articulates how the product will help and second, when they can expect to see results.

Ask for the sale

Now that you have gained your prospect’s attention, interest, desire, and made him believe you, it’s time to seal the deal.

The next step is very important, because it’s what drives your business – customers taking action.

Perhaps your goal is to increase your email subscriber base. In this instance sending your prospects to a squeeze page would be ideal. Maybe you have a prerecorded message or want to take calls live. For something like this prompting your prospects to call you would make sense.

Without question an advertisement can help you increase your brand awareness and sales. The key to a successful advertisement is part science and part art. Using the strategies that I’ve outlined in this two part series, you’ll be on your way!

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Shaun Caldwell

Shaun Caldwell

Shaun Caldwell is digital entrepreneur and Owner of Charlotte Print, a web-to-print company that empowers micro businesses and consumers annually with affordable, professional options to make an impression. He writes on the topics including branding, promotion, and design.

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