How to Create an Effective Ad (Part 1)

Whether you are launching a new company and looking for your first customer or are an established brand looking to capture more market share, traditional advertising is still a very good way to build brand awareness and generate more revenue.

Having said all of that, just having an ad is not good enough. If your goal is to outshine your competitors and attract new customers, what’s truly important is that you understand how to create an effective advertisement. To help, I have listed below several tips for designing advertisements that provide a compelling reason for your prospects to take action.

Know your customer

In order to connect your offering with your prospect group, you must know the specific prospect that you are attempting to reach. By knowing I mean ask yourself questions like…. What’s most important to this person? What are their biggest challenges? How does my offering solve their problem(s)?

Look at the forest NOT the tree 

The second requirement is to know how your product solves the prospect’s need(s). Your prospect will buy your product or service only for the end results, and not for the physical product itself.

For example, if you’re selling a hair replacement cream, you prospect is buying a WAY TO GROW BACK THEIR HAIR. So what matters the most to the prospect is how your cream is going to help them grow back their hair.

Attention Grabbing Headlines

Arguably the most important part of your ad, the headline MUST quickly draw eyeballs to your ad.

Example: Announcing a New Way to Reduce Unwanted Stomach Fat. The words “announcing” and “new” convey the news in this example. Also you can promise a benefit in your headline—but again the benefit must be a benefit in which the ideal prospect is interested in. Example: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. This headline offers a benefit to the reader. The benefit(s): 1) win friends 2) influence people.

If you can apply these two techniques in your headline, you’ll do better than 90% of most magazine advertisers.

Stay tuned next week as I uncover how to convert interest into desire.

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Shaun Caldwell

Shaun Caldwell

Shaun Caldwell is digital entrepreneur and Owner of Charlotte Print, a web-to-print company that empowers micro businesses and consumers annually with affordable, professional options to make an impression. He writes on the topics including branding, promotion, and design.

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