Five Benefits of Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool  

When used properly Twitter can help grow your readership and build your online presence. The people that engage with you via the various social media platforms, like Twitter, are more likely to buy your products or services.

Twitter is a fun platform, but unfortunately it scares many entrepreneurs. Twitter is about self promoting and to be effective it must be done in a way that is genuine.  If you are trying to use used car salesman tactics, Twitter is not the place for you. If want to log in and blast your audience with links to buy your products, Twitter is not the place for you. Think about how you can connect and engage on a broader scale.

With an effective strategy, Twitter can help entrepreneurs zoom in on their target audience. You want to make it your goal to connect with people that show interest in your industry and niche. Make it your priority to tap into the topics, issues and concerns that interest your audience. You only need a few people that love what you do to get the ball rolling.

Twitter has over 288 million active users*

I’m pretty sure somewhere in the mix you will be able to find a community that is interested in your brand and services.


Fast news

Twitter is real time conversation happening between millions of people. Twitter provides a compelling and effective way for people to stay in the mix with topics focused around their interests. Twitter gives the people and businesses the ability to interact directly with events that are happening in real time.

Twitter can help your copy skills

When you write copy for the Internet it has to be straight and to the point. Learning to write in a way that grabs the reader’s attention takes practice. The 140 character limit on Twitter will help you fine tune your copy skills. Try to make your Tweet stand out by creating curiosity or sharing great content.

Form a loyal community

When using Twitter it is completely normal to make digital friends. You will start to gravitate towards other users with the same interests as you. You never know what panel discussions or guest blogging requests can come from networking via Twitter. Engaging with people that have similar interests will spark your creativity and that is what makes social media a great tool.


Twitter is a great platform for you to see what is going on in your industry. You can also ask your audience for their participation. The point is to be creative, you are the best one to know what fits into your brand. There is always something new to learn and I recommend you stay current.

I hope this post helped you see the different ways Twitter can help your brand grow. The fast moving stream of info is nothing to be scared of. Jump in; be yourself and remember, you’re allowed to talk to strangers.


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Timberley Jones

Timberley Jones

Timberley Jones is a socially conscious social media strategist and consultant. She is the entrepreneur behind Social Media with Timberley. With many years of experience working behind the scenes for authors and public speakers she decided it was time to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and focus on building her personal platform. Social media has given Timberley an outlet to help other like minded business owners grow their brand online. She enjoys working with brands that are conscious and want have a positive impact on their community.

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