Artists and Art: Your Business is Your Art

Think about this. Roles are very important. Knowing your role is even more important because “No man is an island” (John Donne); although many people like to believe that a smaller circle will benefit them (read a previous article about ‘Smaller Circles’). If you have a role then you’re obviously in contact with others whether you like it or not. Let’s simplify it a bit though. Let’s just say there are Artists and Art.

Art, of course, is the creation that’s been made. The Ferrari car, the dope beat with engaging lyrics, the movie that you watch years after the first time you’ve seen it, or the actual piece of art painted or captured with a camera. We can all relate to those types of art very easily. But what about the latest deal you closed? That’s art. How about the businessman whose finally opened the door to increased revenues, after being in a lull for business growth after years in business. That’s art too. Or how about the e-mail you sent out to inform your team of an upcoming event that could mean big bucks for the company? Yes, that is art!


What’s the point? Art is YOUR craft. Art is what YOU offer to the outside world as a result of YOUR knowledge and talents. Whatever your craft is – There’s Art to be made from it. It doesn’t have to be a million dollar invention or a Peter Lik photograph (he just sold 1 for a Million bucks) for it to be considered Art. If you utilize your talents and use them diligently, you can apply some harder work, some researched knowledge, and present the world with amazing Art too. With that being said, YOU CAN BE AN ARTIST TOO.

The Artist knows his purpose, talents, confidence, and reasoning for presenting his Art to the world. He isn’t worried about the consequences of his Art either. The Artist knows his role and uses his best abilities to create what he feels is “present to the world” ready. Are you the best [Insert your position here] that you can be? Not the best in your office, the company, or the world. But the best that you can be? An Artist gives his all to his art and isn’t afraid to do it again and again. Maybe you’re even an Artists’ assistant – You’re good but ehh… you could do better. Much better actually. Not because you’re not talented but maybe it’s the details. Or more knowledge to expand your craftiness. Maybe it’s even going out on your own or just leaving the company you’re currently with because of misaligned values or strategies of how things work.

I know… I know, many of you have already deemed yourself an artist (And just because you sing our rap does not mean you’re an artist). Unfortunately, lots of people are tools and they aren’t aware. They tend to be the complainers and the zombies just waiting for Friday afternoon. Or the person trying just to make it big… not trying to make Art. They’re not in the right places and not in the right positions. Too bad that most of you reading this (hopefully up UNTIL this moment) are tools and you didn’t even know it. It’s not that you aren’t worthy of Artistry, nor is it that you’re lazy or incapable of becoming an Artist. You just didn’t realize that you’re not in the right situation. You probably felt it before, but you didn’t want to rock the boat or may be you were thinking of your next pay check to pay bills. UNDERSTANDABLE! But…. I’d rather be the person using the wrench to build something than to BE the wrench USED to build someone’s Art.

Does this mean that you have to have your own business, be in management, or even have a finished product showcasing your name? No. Not at all. But you do have to put your “stamp” on it. It has to be something that you look at and feel the sense of accomplishment for your role in its completion. If you’re the shelves-stocker, do it with extra pizzazz and an undeniably POSITIVE attitude. You flippin’ burgers? There’s a guy that got thousands of hits on YouTube because he’s dancing while flippin’. Don’t get me completely wrong though, put yourself out there and get your recognition, if that’s what you want. Donald Trump didn’t name it ‘Trump Towers’ because he couldn’t think of any other names. So if this happens to inspire you to start or revamp your own company DO NOT HESITATE. Just know your role and adjust your actions accordingly.

In the end– Be an Artist. Give your talents to the world (for a fee!) and get out of that tool box!

So let us know. What are you now – The Artist or the Tool? Tell us why or tell us what you plan to do to change that. Thanks for reading.



Desmond Johnson_YBBBM

Desmond “Des J”  Johnson is an entrepreneur who started his first business while earning bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. With over 8 years in business, he had lots of friends asking about his experiences leading him to start writing about them under the blog:  Young Broke Black and Business-Minded–A blog he hopes informs and inspires other young Black professionals into entrepreneurship.

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Des J

Des J

Des J is an entrepreneur who started his first business at 22 while earning bachelor's and master's degrees at Florida A & M University. With over 8 years as an entrepreneur, he had lots of friends asking about his experiences leading him to start writing about them under the blog 'Young Black and Business-Minded': A blog he hopes informs and inspires other young blacks into their best professional self and potentially into their own successful journey of entrepreneurship.

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