Are You Qualified?

Ever since my first W-2 job at age 16 I knew that I was not meant to work for anyone else. However, I didn’t meet very many entrepreneurs growing up. So even though I wanted to own my own business one day, I didn’t know how. As I got older and got other jobs the key word that kept appearing was “qualify” or some variation of it. I always had to prove I was qualified for the job they were offering. This was slightly insulting to me because I still wanted to run my own business. So in my mind I was surely OVERqualified for the job I was applying for! Don’t judge me…I was young.

Whether it’s applying for a job or a business loan, getting a certification, gaining access to certain social clubs, or even giving advice, people want to know what your qualifications are. Sometimes we even question our own qualifications or allow our apparent lack thereof to limit us. Thoughts like, “What qualifies me to …” or “I am sure someone more qualified than me would be better for…”

Qualified is defined as: being competent, capable; fit for a given purpose. Another definition is: being eligible; able to meet a requirement.

Based on the above definition I would say we all meet the qualifications for fulfilling our passion for entrepreneurship, greatness, etc. If our given purpose is to be great and we are fit for it because we are capable and have access to all the tools we need; we are qualified. Further, we are eligible (the second definition), because the only requirement necessary to be able to pursue your passion is to be alive. If you are reading this, you are definitely alive!

That being said, it has been proven that we all qualify and have the ability to achieve whatever we are passionate about.   The underlying message–that is easily missed–is you don’t have to have all the qualifications right now. You just need the capability of obtaining them. Now armed with that knowledge, we are tasked with the responsibility of going out and doing it.

All too often, we don’t get to greatness because we qualify (which in this case means to restrict or lessen) our abilities. Well, we can no longer do that. It has been established on this day that we are qualified. Greatness is our God-given birthright.

From this day forward, promise yourself (and me, because I am rooting for you) that you are going to commit to living your purpose everyday! If entrepreneurship is your dream, live it! Do at least one thing a day to bring your business to life or to continue its growth.


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Tiffini Holmes

Tiffini Holmes

Tiffini Holmes is owner of Total Transformation Wellness Coaching, LLC. She has been coaching in some capacity for 15 years. She has a heart for people and loves what she does. The focus of TTWC is life wellness coaching for individuals, groups, or organizations. The company is located in Evanston, IL right outside of Chicago, and has clients throughout the US and Canada. When Tiffini is not coaching she is traveling to see as much of the world as she possibly can. It is her goal to travel to at least 6 of the 7 continents.

To find out more about Tiffini and Total Transformation Wellness Coaching visit the website: or e-mail her at:

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