5 Tips for Using Twitter Lists Like a Pro

Are you using Twitter to grow your online presence?

Are you looking for ways to streamline your Twitter experience?

To get the most out of Twitter I recommend taking advantage of Twitter Lists. Lists are a powerful feature that many business owners overlook. Twitter lists can help you find monitor and engage with the right people quickly.

In this post I will share 5 Tips for Using Twitter Lists Like a Pro.

1. Spy on Your Competitors

Make a list including your your competitors. Keeping a close eye on your competitors with a list is a great way to monitor their tweets, get inspiration and see whats popular. Learning from your competition will allow you to improve and tweak your own Twitter strategy.  You should make your competitor list private.

#TimbosTips: You don’t have to follow someone to add them to a Twitter list.

2. Stay Current

Twitter is a great tool for business owners, but it is easy to get distracted. To help you stay  focused, I recommend setting up a list with accounts that regularly share the latest news in your industry. This will help you easily shift through all of the irrelevant noise online.

3. Connect With Industry Leaders

Make a public list with all of the leaders in your industry. Use this list to retweet, mention and engage with top leaders. By strategically updating a growing list of industry leaders you will be able to learn from the best. You should share your list and and invite people to subscribe and soon you will be recognized as a great resource.

4. Follow Industry Bloggers and Journalists

Bloggers and journalists are great people to build relationships with. Pick your favorites and don’t be shy about sharing their work with your community.

5.  Clients

Keep your current clients on your radar by making a private list. Your current clients will give you ideas for blog posts, new products or additional services you need to offer in the future. You should also engage with them so you stay top of mind for future services. Remember return clients are the best.

Bonus Tip

I also recommend having a list of people you want to offer your services to in the future. Social media is all about building relationships; people don’t buy from people they don’t know.  So make sure you engage with prospects before you offer any services. A list will help you find and engage with the right people.


Twitter is a fast moving platform that is filled with information. It is important to stay organized on Twitter or you can waste a lot of time. The right type of list will filter out all of the irrelevant noise.

What type of categories will you use for  your Twitter lists?

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Timberley Jones

Timberley Jones

Timberley Jones is a socially conscious social media strategist and consultant. She is the entrepreneur behind Social Media with Timberley. With many years of experience working behind the scenes for authors and public speakers she decided it was time to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and focus on building her personal platform. Social media has given Timberley an outlet to help other like minded business owners grow their brand online. She enjoys working with brands that are conscious and want have a positive impact on their community.

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