5 Tips for Establishing a Profitable Email List

Help your business grow by establishing an email list. With a few clicks, you can share your products and services with a targeted audience through emails.

By establishing an email strategy, you can communicate and promote to prospects at a low cost. Take note that not all emails are read by the recipient, so it is imperative that you plan and decide how to make your emails noticeable and worth reading.

Below you will find a list of five ways you can establish an email list that will help your business grow.

1. Know Your Audience

First, who will receive your emails? Know your readers. Don’t just click send. It is important that you are aware of why and how people will end up on your list. If you want your new subscribers to be responsive and excited to open your emails stay true to your business goals and crowd interests.

2. Write an “Open Me” Subject Line

Does your subject line pique the interest of your potential clients? Think about the amount of emails you receive each day. What makes you want to open them? Most likely the sender found a way to stick out.

You should create a catchy and concise subject line. Before you press send ask yourself, “Would I open this email?”  Keep your subject line 50 characters or less including spaces.

3. Create an Unique Experience

Focus on the way you present your business to your target market. Your creativity is needed here. This is where you have the opportunity to separate yourself from the competition and force your list to remember you.

People love sharing on social media. Give them content worth sharing and make sure you stay true to your core values. Consistency is important. Is your brand fun, informative, fact based, or serious? People are drawn to your personality and approach.

Encourage your readers to engage and interact with you. Personalize your email, but don’t pretend you know them too well. Introduce your products and services so that you gain your email readers’ trust. Be confident when you are sharing your expertise, remember you are the expert.

4. Analyze Your Audience

In the beginning be mindful when you send your email. Ask yourself common questions like; When is the best time to send your email? How often should you send your email broadcasts?

The answers to those questions vary, you have to see how your unique list reacts to your emails. Pay attention to your unsubscribe and open rates.

5. Cross Promote Your List

You should have social media accounts for your business. Social media should be used to grow your list. Advertise your opt in landing page on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tell people about your giveaway and freebies.

People like to receive coupons, giveaways, special announcements and freebies when they are signing up for a new list. If you have a brick and mortar location advertise your list close to the register and with sign promotions around the store.

The above actionable steps will allow you to grow a profitable list. Remember that email is a great channel that allows you to connect with your audience and make money. Treat your list like gold and they will in return become a valuable asset to a prosperous business.

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Timberley Jones

Timberley Jones

Timberley Jones is a socially conscious social media strategist and consultant. She is the entrepreneur behind Social Media with Timberley. With many years of experience working behind the scenes for authors and public speakers she decided it was time to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and focus on building her personal platform. Social media has given Timberley an outlet to help other like minded business owners grow their brand online. She enjoys working with brands that are conscious and want have a positive impact on their community.

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