4 Ways To Stay Focused

It’s not always easy, but you need to focus to have a successful side hustle or business. Here is a list that I’ve compiled of 4 ways that will help you get focused.

Get Enough Rest

Going to bed late every night and waking up early every morning will eventually wear you down and cause negative long-term effects to your body. Not to mention it’s just not healthy for you. When you have less sleep your focus is not as sharp and it can seriously affect your memory and decision-making skills. Getting adequate rest is very important to having more energy. You will be able to plan and focus with better clarity.

Limit your Social Media Usage

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google + are just some of the social media websites that have taken over people’s lives. I enjoy social media, but I realize that they can become addicting. You can’t expect to get things done if you’re scrolling on your timeline liking pics all day. A good suggestion would be to limit your social media to a certain time or using one of the online apps that block those sites temporarily. Imagine how much work you will achieve with limited time constraints.

Watch Less Television

I will admit it. I used to watch a whole lot of TV. I wasted a lot of time. During the period where I didn’t work full-time last year that changed. Instead of watching TV from sun up until sun down, I used that time wisely to create content for my website. I also came up with ideas for future business ventures. I still watch some TV, but it’s not garbage like reality shows. In my opinion our people watch way too much of that of crap. Those hours wasted watching “Housewives of Whoever” could be used more productively.

Get Organized

The final tip to becoming focused is to get organized. Organization is key. I’m a huge fan of writing things down on paper and using post it notes. There are post it notes all over my apartment with reminders on them. I am also a fan of using my planner to jot down quick reminders of things that need to done on different dates. Trust me you will see a HUGE difference in becoming organized and staying on task.

To summarize, these 4 tips are very helpful for getting focused. Without receiving adequate rest, limiting your social media, watching less TV and getting organized you will not see productivity.

What are some ways that you recommend to getting  focused?



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Jason Butler

Jason Butler

Jason Butler is the creator of The Butler Journal, a website where he educates people about college information, debt reduction and travel. He saw that there weren’t many sites out there like his, that were targeted towards young urban professionals. He wanted to make sure that the younger generation didn’t make some of the same mistakes he did. Jason was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Savannah State University. He is currently in the process of eliminating over $70,000 worth of debt. Make sure you follow his journey.

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