4 Ways to Promote Your Business or Side Hustle

One of the big reasons people with a business or a side hustle have trouble in the beginning is because of their lack of promotion. For whatever reason some people are scared to promote it. They think customers will just fall into their laps. Life doesn’t work like that. You have to get out and let the world know that your business exists. Below I’ve compiled four ways that EVERY person can use to help them promote his or her business or side hustle.

Social Media

The first way that you can promote your business is through social media. The opportunities are endless. You have sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your latest work with your friends and followers. If you’re like me you don’t have the same people on each site so sharing things about your business on each social media site is a must.

Make sure that you post things several times a day. People are online at different times of the day for various reasons. If you post something in the morning your followers that work at night might miss it. It’s good to post items at least 3 times a day.


YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine. Making videos on YouTube gives you a worldwide audience. If you’re videos are quality, the benefits of uploading them could be huge depending on what your business is. You may be asking the question “What if I’m not good at creating videos?” There is a site called Fiverr where you can pay someone $5 to help do multiple tasks. One of the tasks that people can do on there is to create or edit videos for people. Make sure you check Fiverr out when you get a chance.

Word of Mouth

The third way to promote your business is by using good old fashion word of mouth. I’m not sure why, but people don’t do this as often as they should. You can start off by telling your friends and family members first. Then you can ask them for referrals. Depending on what your business is you can also talk to your colleagues about it.

Make a T-shirt

The last way that you can promote your business is by getting a couple of shirts made and wear them around the town. I’m actually in the process of getting a few shirts printed that has my website name on the front. I plan on wearing them to places such as the mall or to sporting events. Make sure you get a couple extra shirts printed as well. You can give those shirts to friends and family and ask them to wear them every once in a while. You can’t beat that type of free promo.

Social media, YouTube, word of mouth and t-shirts are just a few ways to advertise your business. Which of these have worked for you in promoting your business or side hustle? What others ways have you used. Be sure to let us know in the comments section.




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Jason Butler

Jason Butler

Jason Butler is the creator of The Butler Journal, a website where he educates people about college information, debt reduction and travel. He saw that there weren’t many sites out there like his, that were targeted towards young urban professionals. He wanted to make sure that the younger generation didn’t make some of the same mistakes he did. Jason was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Savannah State University. He is currently in the process of eliminating over $70,000 worth of debt. Make sure you follow his journey.


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