12 Steps to Entrepreneurial Renewal

It is officially spring! The winter months can be brutal with the cold weather and shorter daylight hours. That can all take a toll on our motivation. With the renewal of life and warmer weather, spring is the perfect time to evaluate your progress so far this year and to get yourself ready for a fantastic rest of the year.

If you’re like many, you’ve managed through the winter, but you might be in need of a jumpstart to get yourself going. Here are 12 steps to put that spring back into your step and set you up for a successful rest of the year.

1: Tax season is definitely here and that can be a very stressful time for anyone. If you haven’t already done so, schedule an appointment with your accountant/tax advisor to prep and file your taxes– and finally release that stress. Well at least until next year…

2: Say 2 words, THANK YOU to all your staff, network, family, and friends for their support. Remember, the winter months can be brutal on everyone.

3: Find 3 ways you can save time, money, or energy on your business this spring.

4: Highlight 4 things that have gone extremely well for your business this winter.

5: Set 5 goals for the business for a successful rest of the year.

6: Mark 6 times on your calendar that you will set aside for self-care!

7: Investigate 7 new ways to market and/or gain brand recognition for your business.

8: Consider 8 ways your business can give charitable donations of time, talent, or finances.

9: Select 9 organizations, companies, or individuals you will meet to enhance your network.

10: Write down 10 reasons you LOVE being an entrepreneur.

11: Identify 11 new potential clients, client sources you can contact to grow your business

12: Take 12 deep breaths! I am sure it hasn’t been easy but you made it through the winter months!

The winter months can be good and /or bad for many people mentally, emotionally and physically. Hopefully, these 12 renewing steps will help you to get your focus back on track and ready for a success rest of the year.


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Tiffini Holmes

Tiffini Holmes

Tiffini Holmes is owner of Total Transformation Wellness Coaching, LLC. She has been coaching in some capacity for 15 years. She has a heart for people and loves what she does. The focus of TTWC is life wellness coaching for individuals, groups, or organizations. The company is located in Evanston, IL right outside of Chicago, and has clients throughout the US and Canada. When Tiffini is not coaching she is traveling to see as much of the world as she possibly can. It is her goal to travel to at least 6 of the 7 continents.

To find out more about Tiffini and Total Transformation Wellness Coaching visit the website: or e-mail her at:

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