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Starting a new business is exciting. The thrill of new opportunities, the enthusiasm of making connections and networking can be very captivating. Enjoy it! However, you must remember to resist the temptation to be impulsive. Running a business is like making music. As erroneous as this advice might seem, especially coming from a man who has no musical talent whatsoever, it is the most illustrative anecdote to what I wish to share with you all. A close examination of your day-to-day operations will reveal that there are trends in the tempo of your marketing techniques; procedures which are correlated with the acquisition of new clients and the recurrence of loyal clients. For example, after posting a new advertising promotion, you may acquire a few new clients. The more you do this, the more clients and projects you will acquire, the less you do so, the less new clients and projects you acquire. Thus, you can effectively manipulate the rhythm of your business.

It is imperative that you are aware of your company’s rhythm and pay enough attention to monitor these trends as closely as possible. Submerging into the buzz of business operations could result in “oversaturation” to the point that you become overwhelmed. At this rate, you may find yourself in a position in which your business is controlling you rather than the contrary. For instance, an event planner that is new to the industry may find themselves completely “psyched” when they acquire a new venue to host events and parties. So, they start planning and promoting immediately to host a “simple” party in two weeks, with a $10 cover charge, in a venue that holds only 300 heads. Most venues require a 50-percent deposit, and with the excitement of having savings for start-up, the planner immediately invests and pays the $500 non-refundable deposit. Essentially, they are now locked in and committed to the event, but there are some major problems here: 1) a DJ will cost anywhere between $200-$3000, 2) having a designer design, print and ship flyers can range from $150-$1000, and 3) with a 300 person capacity you can only make $3000 at the event, unless you profit from the bar. The capacity to profit is marginal at best in this situation, but your tasks and obligations are high and can result in a great deal of stress and anxiety – key ingredients for a breakdown and failure.

Needless to say, this is an undesirable experience for most business owners. Don’t let your business influence you in this manner. We all have goals and places to be in the end. But, life is not about the destination – it’s about the journey and the moments in between. Control your operation tempo so that you can slow down and make the best of these moments and enjoy life. No matter how reputable you become, don’t be such a megalomaniac that you can’t stay in touch with your own humanity that reaches out to the “you” within the business owner. Enjoy what you do. Plan ahead. And take your time to find the right rhythm for success.

– Be Easy


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Brian Wyatt

Brian Wyatt

Brian is an experienced Multimedia Marketing Expert from Chicago, Illinois. He is also the Founder and Creative Director of B-EZ Graphix, a full-service marketing agency based in Georgia. Brian has over 10 years of experience as a graphic and web designer since founding B-EZ Graphix in 2004. He completed his Bachelor of Arts that year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since then, he has been integral in the development of hundreds of business brands under the B-EZ Graphix flagship. Brian is committed to partnering with his clients using his expertise to provide an inspiring vision and creative direction to develop and grow their business. His design philosophy is centered on the idea that “design creates usability, without usability it is just art.” He combines his strategic marketing experience and artistic creativity to develop effective branding and marketing materials for his clients that will be useful in achieving their marketing goals.

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