Make Yourself

Make Yourself

Imagine a nameless, faceless individual approaching you with his or her hands out, expecting you to pay them your hard earned money for their services or products. How would you take that? More importantly, what look would you give them that conveys the reality that you are in no way interested? This is the same way networks of people and markets will look at a company with no logo, no brand…(or) perhaps, even an unimpressive brand. Enter the marketing professional.

As business owners, if not careful, we get hung up on the dream and ignore the vision. What’s the difference? The dream is the ideal of owning a successful business and all the fantasy that accompanies that dream. But, until an actionable plan is put into place with a concise vision of how it will all work together, that dream is just a dream. On the other hand, a vision is the part of the plan that transforms an aspiring business owner into a successful CEO, founder or president. Vision enables us to see what things can be and what it will take to get to that state of being– successful!

Some business owners have very concise visions and understand what it takes to bring life to their visions. They also realize that it takes a team of professionals to make that happen. Though access to resources may be constrained, a business owner who truly wants to make the dream a reality will find a way to articulate that vision.

To accomplish this, you must first do your research. Figure out what it is that you want and determine the message that you want your business to promote. The next step is to do more research. This time you will need to look for creative marketing professionals that will listen to you and are enthusiastic about helping you achieve your vision.

In my own experience as a design and marketing professional, my goal is to provide my clients with exciting designs and to be there every step of the way with effective coaching and consultation. In the world of startups and small business, there are many barriers to include lack of capital or expertise. If you have a dream you must first be willing to invest in your dream.  Any company that you work with should also be vested. As a marketing professional, as well as a small business owner I want to help startups, small businesses and nonprofits get the jump start that they deserve. Whoever you decide to work with should have similar goals for you. If they don’t seem to value their business relationships more than the bottom line, look for another company to help you.

There are so many people out there that have dreams for themselves, their family and friends that involve being their own boss and bootstrapping their way to achieving their goals, but don’t know where to start building. Many don’t realize that you cannot effectively generate wealth in a timely manner by working for hourly wages – to which they have become dependent upon. Employment today, resembles yesterday’s forms of slavery. The master is no longer a man with a whip. Rather, our masters are now green paper and electronic credits, and his whip is the biweekly paycheck. You receive your lashings the weeks in between that you suffer wondering how you’ll make it to the next paycheck. I challenge people to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and incubate ideas to build a brand and start your legacy of freedom.

I want to provide the freedom for these innovators. Not out of some sense of self justice, but because I know when I provide opportunities for them to advance toward their goals, they will pay it forward and create opportunities for others who are “stuck.” In the end, no one deserves to be “stuck” and to waste the potential they have to make themselves. I believe in the vision of entrepreneurship and the freedom that it affords. The freedom to be who you want to be, build a legacy. . . the freedom to make yourself.

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if they knew they were slaves” –Harriet Tubman


Be Easy,


Brian K. Wyatt Jr.

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Brian Wyatt

Brian Wyatt

Brian is an experienced Multimedia Marketing Expert from Chicago, Illinois. He is also the Founder and Creative Director of B-EZ Graphix, a full-service marketing agency based in Georgia. Brian has over 10 years of experience as a graphic and web designer since founding B-EZ Graphix in 2004. He completed his Bachelor of Arts that year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since then, he has been integral in the development of hundreds of business brands under the B-EZ Graphix flagship. Brian is committed to partnering with his clients using his expertise to provide an inspiring vision and creative direction to develop and grow their business. His design philosophy is centered on the idea that “design creates usability, without usability it is just art.” He combines his strategic marketing experience and artistic creativity to develop effective branding and marketing materials for his clients that will be useful in achieving their marketing goals.

To find out more about Brian and B-EZ Graphix visit the website: or email him at:

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