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Lawrence Robinson: Ignore the Naysayers

Hi, my name is Lawrence Robinson and I am the founder and CEO of State Caps, a headwear company based out of Mississippi.  The primary focus of my hat company is to design a hat concept that features each individual state.  The uniqueness of each design is that they will have the outline of a particular state present in the design.  My first design is titled a SIP-Hat, which is short for Mississippi.  The design is unique and simplistic in that it features the word SIP across the front of a hat with the state of Mississippi replacing, yet representing the letter “I”.  From the SIP hats I have been able to develop the “All I do is SIP” t-shirts and plan to expand into my other state designs.

When I first began on my odyssey to become an entrepreneur and attempt to develop a business the naysayers were in full effect.  I’ve heard everything from “your idea is stupid” to “someone is already doing that” to “your brand is thuggish” to “I just plain wouldn’t wear that”.  The road has not been easy, but what has kept me going is the fact my business has continued to grow.  I started out with this idea in 2009 when I left the military and didn’t actually begin to make things happen until the spring of 2014 when I was homeless and looking for employment.

As an entrepreneur everyone may not see your vision the way that you do, but you must maintain your focus and continue to push for what you believe in.  Failure is a learning curve; don’t allow it to dictate your progress.

The information I want to pass along to other entrepreneurs is that you will have people who are skeptical of your brand, because it is new and they are not yet aware of it.  It’s your job to make it relevant.  Here are some tips that I want to pass along:

  1. Don’t be afraid of critics and criticism, because at the very least you have caught their eye. Find out what they don’t like about your brand and take it into consideration.
  2. Everyone will not immediately buy from you, but you should still pitch the product in an informative way that entices the individual to later come back and find out more about the product.
  3. All advice and input into your brand isn’t always good. Don’t allow an individual’s input to completely change your brand and company strategy to the point that it’s unrecognizable to you.

Put your all into your brand.  Simply put, your success will rely on how much you put in.



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Originally from Webb, Mississippi, Lawrence Robinson grew up in Olive Branch, Mississippi and now resides in Gulfport, MS (known by residents as the third coast).  He graduated from Delta State University with a BA focus in Marketing and a MBA with focus in Human Resources.  Prior to attending college, he enlisted in the United States Army directly after high school and spent his early adult years living in Germany. Robinson is also a veteran of the Operation Iraq Freedom conflict and currently works to help veterans with significant barriers to employment find employment.

For more information about him and State Caps visit his website and on social media:

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  1. Darnessa Hill
    June 19, 2015 at 8:10 pm — Reply

    Good job. Much love and blessing to you and your business. Great idea!

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