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I have had a love affair with words all of my life.  My passion for all things literary led me to explore many variations of expression.  From fiction writing, spoken word, poetry and even journaling, I’ve always thrived on crafting the words to convey my ideas.  You could say creativity has always been my thing.  Some people ask when I knew I wanted to be a writer.  The truth is I believe I was born this way.

According to my parents, I always made stories to continue the cartoons I watched. Once I was old enough to read and write, I was hard pressed to be found without a notepad and pencil almost everywhere I went.  All through school and college I wrote creatively, but like many others, when I got into the working world, writing took a backseat to traditional work.

It was a happy accident that reawakened the writing bug within me.  I was tapped to do some editing for a relative that was starting a publishing house. I jumped at the opportunity. It was a dream job to get paid for getting to read hot new books while I edited them.  Some people don’t enjoy the detail involved in editing, but for an English major with an obsession for words, it was perfection!

It was not long before being so intimately involved with the creative writing process that it inspired me to get back into writing. I wrote a quick summary of a plot and sent it off to the publisher. Within hours I got a call telling me that I absolutely had to finish the story.  Once my deadline was set, the words flowed from my fingers as if the story had been waiting for me to write it.

I literally wrote my debut novel in a little under a month. Keep in mind; I did this while working full time, getting my masters degree and raising two small children alone. My passion for writing was awakened to the level that I couldn’t stand not to write every day.  Looking back I now see that the love of writing was propelling me.

Once I was finished with the book and it was edited all that was left was to describe my vision for the book cover and wait.  The publisher called me in a few days and told me it was on Amazon.  From there everything went really quickly. I ordered hard copies of my book, had a big release party, made the rounds on local TV and radio and then… nothing happened.

My publisher was quiet, my online sales were quiet. All my momentum was halted and I couldn’t figure out why.  It took me a minute to learn that it was because I hadn’t taken care of my business.  See, while I knew how to tell a story, I didn’t know the ins and outs of the indie book publishing world.  I didn’t learn until too late that I was paying for things that are supposed to be paid by the publisher.

I also made the cardinal mistake of not thoroughly researching my business partner.  Several months and frustrating conversations later, I had to part ways with that publisher.  If I had done a little digging I could’ve avoided many missteps. I was disappointed and honestly, felt for a time that this setback meant I was not supposed to be a writer.

It took almost two years of research, networking and learning the business before I felt comfortable to release The Contract.  This time, I knew what to expect realistically.  I had taken the time to study the business side of being an indie writer.  I made connections to other indie writers and began to follow blogs of fellow authors.

During that time I also took time to learn different techniques of consistent writing.  I joined communities where information and tips are shared without fees attached.  I cannot stress how important it has been to take this time out.  While I can’t say I appreciate the pitfalls of my first experience as an independent writer, I can say that hard lessons are often the ones that teach us the most.




Candice Briggs_headshot greenCandice Briggs is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. Candice professes herself to be an artist, poet, writer, insatiable reader and lifelong lover of all things artistic. She wears many hats as a mother working in healthcare administration, but her passions are all about artistic creativity.

A love for reading and writing guided Candice to transition into freelance editing. After cutting her teeth on several editing projects, Candice was enticed to pursue her own desire to write fiction. In December 2014, encouraged by friends, family and a community of supporters whom she calls “The Ravenous Readers”, Candice released The Contract.  She describes her debut as an erotic suspense novel about an office romance gone haywire.

The Contract is currently available through 15 distribution channels including, Amazon, and To date, Candice has several other titles in the development for 2015.

Candice can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Candice Briggs

Candice Briggs

Candice Briggs is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. She professes herself to be an artist, poet, writer, ravenous reader and lifelong lover of all things artistic. Candice is a graduate of Sidney Lanier’s Prestigious LAMP program, as well as an alum of Auburn University at Montgomery and Ashford University.

Having a passion for reading and writing created a perfect avenue for Candice to transition into freelance editing, where she found the chance to utilize her Liberal Arts Degree. As Editor-in-Chief of E.A. Writing Services, Candice has credits editing numerous titles including Venus vs. Mars, On The Shoulders of Giants, The Two Mr. Rights, Candy Drop Girls, Silent Code, Mahogany Blues, See No Evil and For Life, just to name a few.

Candice has also edited for various independent authors seeking publication, contributed to web content, authored health features for magazine publications as well as successfully researched and written grant proposals.

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