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Afrocentric.Gifts was created by the industry veterans that brought you Centered in New York City, the husband and wife team , have over twenty years experience selling Afrocentric Gifts and African American Art prints & posters. Together they created Afrocentric.Gifts out of their passion for everything art, Black art & gifts in particular. They know how to select the best art from around the world and how to deliver efficiently to their customers with 100% satisfaction! Relax, stay awhile and browse our amazing art and gift collections!

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Animator, Producer, Publisher, Creator of the Katalambano, Bronze Zoo, Quadrozoidz, Alleghenians, Torah Knights, and Trapazonians

The name Romoulous Malachi means builder and and messenger. The prefix Romoulous is symbolic to his foundation Miroglyphics that he built for a new age of intellect providing direction for all generations that have made it into 21st Century or the New Millennium. Malachi represent a message that provides a revelation to the reader. Enduring trials and tribulations have proven, not only one can rise in victory, but also in defeat.
After creating the Katalambano series “The Strong Survive” and “187 Warriors Killers” He later decided to take destiny into his own hands by establishing a publishing company “MIROGLYPHICS” shortly after being discharge from the United States Army. Prior to pursuing his publishing company, Romoulous was recruited by two Protective Agencies in New York, City and Baltimore, City that conducted special operations for diplomatic officials. Romoulous, always wanting to see more and loving to travel, decided to relocate to Philadelphia. Since then, Romoulous has been expanding his publishing company “MIROGLYPHICS” into a strong literary house of sufficient reading material and in the future, his ambitions resides in making quality animation films, as well as motion picture films, perhaps using his own published books as material. Introducing the “MIROGLYPHICS MAGAZINE”, this magazine was created to prove that raw talent still exist and to allow independent and underground artists, and entertainers, a literary platform to stand up on, and present a voice to a mainstream world that might overlook them, due to the large influx of mainstream magazines

Perfections Gift Shop
The Perfect Gift, For The Perfect Moment, At the Perfect Price

Perfections Gift Shop was created for the discerning customer who is looking for something innovative and different.
An exciting fusion of decorative art and necessary function. These eye-catching, conversation starting accent pieces include our enchanting figurine luminaries and decorative candleholders, whimsical and witty figurine desk clocks, charming and chic wine bottle holders, and much, much more. Truly distinctive and unique home decor gifts that you definitely do not want to miss!
High quality, exquisitely crafted gift ideas that are incredibly detailed decorative make great gifts and add the perfect accent of unique home decor at an easily affordable price.

Coming Soon! Paint –Shop and Wine Sip Parties!

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Perfections Gift Shop
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Visionary Stationery

Visionary Stationery is a modern stationery shop with all stationery you need to express your vision-making, sassy, fly eclectic modern style in your life-personal and professional.

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