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Back to Basics Bodyweight Fitness LLC

Back to Basics Bodyweight Fitness LLC is a health and fitness organization dedicated to making healthy living possible for as many people as possible. Owner Shawn McClendon is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, blogger, columnist and an author who is dedicated to showing love to others by uncovering the health and fitness myths that are prevalent in society, and by encouraging others to take their health into their own hands. Back to Basics Bodyweight Fitness LLC offers Online Fitness Consulting, free 10-minute general health consulting, and is the author of “13 Things to Stop Believing to Become Healthy and Lose Weight,” “What YOU Can Do About High Blood Pressure,” and “What YOU Can Do About Type 2 Diabetes,” all of which are available on Amazon.

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Bruen Medical Partners
We can now provide services through our National Phlebotomy Provider Network (NPPN)


Mobile Blood Draws, Mobile EKG’s, Paramedical Examinations, Specialty testing kits (Genova, Metametrix, Sequenom), Naturopathy/Holistic lab testing kits, Children/Geriatric/High-anxiety patients, Nursing/Assisted/Independent Living Communities, Private Physicians

We provide:

in-house professional training for staff , Comprehensive training orientation , In-service monthly session to phlebotomist , Advance training skills to phlebotomists and we also offer certification training to the community.

Who we serve:

Home bound clients * Nursing home facilities * Assisting living facilities * Physician’s offices * Health Departments * Clinics * Individuals * Businesses * Schools

Our experienced and highly-trained collection technicians (phlebotomists) come to your home or office to collect your specimen and then deliver it under controlled conditions to our nearest state of the art laboratory. We have multiple laboratories for fast and accurate diagnostic testing anywhere in the United States.

Next, your specimen is carefully examined by our board certified pathologists who then enter their findings into our secure web-based reporting portal. You and your doctor can access these results online 24/7, and they are typically available within 48-hours.

We offer the most comprehensive list of diagnostic testing to aid in earlier diagnosis, more effective treatment, and improved outcomes. We provide diagnostic lab testing for individuals, medical professionals, and other testing facilities.

Village of Ellenville ~ 2 Elting Court Ellenville, New York 12428
Bruen Medical Partners
Curve Appeal
Health, wellness and beauty business. Own your own time.

It Works! is a wonderful company. If you’re looking to be healthier, lose weight, want radiant skin, tighten up loose skin, or own your own time by having your own business then this is just right for you. I am here to help you every step of the way.

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all natural products

weight loss tea/coffee
energy vitamins/skincare/waist garments

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Cary NC; 27511
Defined Physique Personal Training
Fitness, Health and Wellness

Motivate and educate our clients by creating safe, effective and personalized exercise programs.

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Divas and Shapers specialise in WAIST TRAINING.

DIVAS and Shapers specialise in waist training… I myself wear them daily they tone you up you will lose 3-4 inches off your waist if you wear it daily and exercise as needed…I’M located in Charlotte N.C I’m mobile right now but will have a location soon I ship worldwide I do have a website please feel free to visit and order… my orders usually arrive 1-2 days I’m all for pleasing my customers

47 David Cox Rd
Charlotte, NC. 28269
Healing Herbs By Rene
Organic Hair & skin Beauty botanicals, plant extracts, herbal remedies along with art other creations.

HHBR Sustainable beauty products made with 100% Pure Natural Organic ingredients.

Organic Herbal Extracts and Tinctures made with fresh medicinal herbs and plants for a healthy you.

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Healing Moringa Tree LLC

Southern California’s home for organically grown moringa trees, moringa seeds, moringa pods, and other medicinal herbs recognized as superfoods. Here you can purchase our moringa powder, moringa flakes, and raw moringa leaves in their purest form. In addition, our love for moringa even runs over to benefit animals. From our moringa treats for pets, to our moringa recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We provide a reliable source for solutions through the rich qualities of our moringa products. Keeping an optimistic frame of mind toward the moringa’s resourcefulness, we try to keep updated facts about the 13 species of moringa tree. With a love for people in general, your health, and the health of your family member’s demand nothing less than their best interest to be respected. This is why we offer the world a broad a range of moringa blended all natural herbal remedies honorably made in America. Whether you have skin issues, allergies, or a serious medical condition, you and the health professionals you trust can rely on our moringa in comfort. Satisfaction guaranteed…nothing more…and nothing less.
​Thank you for your choosing

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Healing Moringa Tree LLC
HIPS Fitness LLC

HIPS Fitness with Michelle Hunter, specializes in custom fitness events, group instruction and corporate programs. Serving the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas as well as international locations. Helping Inspire Peoples Self-confidence through fun, safe and effective fitness programs while building a network with small businesses within our community!

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Indigenous Remedies
The premier learning resource for herbal education and holistic sciences.

Indigenous Remedies is also home to Indigenous Womb Wellness and Indigenous Remedies hair and skin care. We are happy to accommodate you on your journey through herbal knowledge and wellness.

The Indigenous Remedies Promise:  As a company, we feel we have a strong responsibility that goes beyond the brand.